ANGHER was basically a one man project started by cellist/guitarist Greg Korniluk, shortly after he was invited to record/guest on the Apocalyptica album "Reflections". His goal was to create his own brand of cello fused metal.

Something drove Greg to find a way to incorporate such a powerful (and unlikely) instrument with guitar, which would force a fresh element into the somewhat stagnant scene. By late 2004 he had done just that, and Greg began writing what would become "Hidden Truth", ANGHER'S debut album.

Still, it became obvious shortly thereafter in early 2005 that in order to do this vision justice an entire band was necessary. So the hunt began, and after several months of intense musician research Greg decided to enlist the services of guitarist Thibault Abrial, bass player Hugo Coste and drummer Yves-Marie Lebert, thus forming the bands rock-solid base.

However, the group was not complete, ANGHER needed a singer. After several auditions, the band crossed paths with Brazilian singer Adriano Almeida, who possesses a powerful voice and a great attitude and enthusiasm - this completed the lineup.

The band now complete recorded "Hidden Truth", a combination CD/DVD featuring music that mixes cello, guitar and bass producing a powerful, heavy and UNIQUE sound that is simply: ANGHER.

After some discussions and internal musical differences, the band decided to move on by adding 3 new musicians in April 2010, guitarist Jérôme Point (E-Force, SonnyRed), drummer Christophe Beard (Ibogaïne, E-Force) and the brasilian bass player Guilhermé Aguiar.

ANGHER has shared the stage with bands such like Mass Hysteria, Paradise Lost, Soulfly,....

This new strong line-up currently works on a new album and is now ready to hit the road and spread ANGHER'S massive energy!


The video "Unsaid" is from the first album "Hidden Truth"



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